110 length challenge

Are you up for the challenge of swimming 10km? Take on the marathon of open water swimming at Tooting Bec Lido – solo or relay, suits or skins.

110 lengths = 11,000 yards = 10.06km = 6.25 miles

2019 Results are in! Click here

Thank you to all who took part and all the volunteers who helped make it happen. Roll on next year!


Saturday 28 September 2019. Registration 12.30pm. Start 1pm.

How much?

Entry is free but you must register in advance. Places are limited. See “How to enter” below.

Who can enter?

Open to SLSC members only.

Water temperature?

Chilly. Around 13-14 degrees Celsius.

Is there a cut-off?

5 hours. All swimmers must be out of the water by 6pm.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

No, wetsuits are not compulsory.

Can I stop to feed?

Yes, solo swimmers can stop to eat and drink.

Can I stop for a wee?

Yes, you can exit the pool to go to the loo.

How many people can be in a relay?

Relay teams can have between two and six swimmers, including under 16s. The new handicap system will add extra time for each team member over two.

Is it a competition?

There will be medals for solo swimmers and relay teams. This year a handicapping system - based on relay team numbers and skins/wetsuit choice will also create an overall contest to have the first swimmer to finish . More on the day.

How to enter

Please email swimcaptain@slsc.org.uk with the following information:

For solos: Name + Age + 1km swim time + Wetsuit or skin + Name of volunteer timekeeper

For teams: Team name + Team members names and ages (2 - 6 swimmers)

Closing date 26 September.

Previous years’ results:

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2015 109 lengths results

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All the (non wetsuit) times for the last ten years.